Covering an area of roughly 42,000 sq. miles, the dusty, rolling plains of Musardi stretch across the southwestern tip of Soros. The mighty Silverveil River cascades over the jagged mountainside of the Shudder Peaks, wends through the dense rainforest of the Shiverwilds, and cuts a wide swathe across the Dustmarch as it rushes out towards the rocky shores of the Gilded Sea. Deceptively desolate, Musardi has been host to various key battles and skirmishes between many neighboring kingdoms, who have attempted to claim the region as their own. Centuries ago, many Cabraltine nobles rushed into the area, scrambling to lay claim over their own part of the land. The region ultimately proved to be untamable, in so much as the land itself was unsuited to allow any lasting attempts at cultivation. The most notable cities in the region, Punjar and Vol’Musardi, sit across the sea from each other, the former at the mouth of the Silverveil River, and the latter on the southeastern tip of the Musardi Peninsula.

Musardi Subregions:
*Aureate Narrows
*Gilded Sea
*Mercy’s Mire
*Musardi Penninsula
*Shudder Peaks
*Silverveil Cataract
*Xanthous Steppe

Points of Light:
*Burj Olam
*Esverion Hollow
*Gambit’s Crossing

Neighboring Regions:


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